Creative Words from Friends


  • “Edi wow” – This phrase is used when a person reacts in a sarcastic way because of having no care to what the other person is telling. It is usually cast-off just to have a reaction to a nonsense story. Edi came from the word either because of the phrase “Edi pwede, edi hind.” Wow in the phrase “Edi wow” means amusing.


  • “Keribels” – A word that is used when telling a person that you can do what he told you or asked you to do. It is also used when you are willing to do something. Keri came from the word carry but in the word “Keribels: it means can. Bels is just a word that came from our creative minds.


  • “Kyeme” – An expression when you are trying to imply that a thing is alright or okay. It also means so-so. The expression came from our gay family friend and I asked him if it was a Gay Lingo or the language of the gay people, he said yes. So, “kyeme” is a Gay Lingo.


  • “Charot/Char/Chos”– These words are used when you are kidding and joking around. Charot/Char /Chos mean “joke” or “kidding.”


  • “Pak ganoin/Pak ganern”– An expression used when you are trying to boost someone’s confidence. It is meant to compliment someone. Pak came from the sound itself and ganoin/ganern came from “ganoon.”


  • “Bomba” – The word means bomb in tagalag but when a person uses it, it means that someone did not show up to him. It was meant to tell the person that he is a bomb because he ditched the person.
  • “GG” – The word means you are in a bad mood because something happened. I asked my brother where he got the word; he said it came from a computer game which means “Good game.” But, it is opposite to what it actually means.


  • “Patachi”– The word means pooping. It came from the word “patae” but people from my family did not want to say the word “tae,” so it became “tachi.”


  • “Warshock”– The word simply means shocked but in a more intense and exaggerated way. It was also created because of someone being bothered of someone’s expression of being shocked.


  • “Soy”– It is a term that originated from the word “bro/brother/pare.” It is a Kapampangan word.
  • “Besh”– It is a term that means “bestfriend/friend/girl friend.” It is used when calling a friend or a close friend to do something crazy.


  • “Sish” – It is a term which means “sister/sissy/mare/.” I heard this term from my conyo or combined usage of English and Filipino language. It is a sassy way of saying “sister/sissy/mare.”


  • “Sampalingan” – It is a combination of a Kapampangan word “Tampalingan” and the Filipino word “Sampal,” both of the word have the same meaning, which is to slap a person.


  • “Shik-Shik”– This word came from the word Velcro. It was coined because my niece did not know what Velcro is and she used “Shik-Shik” because it sounded like the Velcro being pulled up and pushed down.



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